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What is Haru Invest?

Haru Invest aims to make growing your crypto assets as easy as possible. They offer attractive interest on your bitcoin, ethereum and usdt with up to 35% APY. Transparency, high earn rates and easy user experience is where Haru Invest stands out.



Why use Haru Invest?

Grow your cryptos, effortless and stable.

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Frequently-asked questions

What are my Haru Invest referral code benefits?

With the referral code superchargeharu you will receive 0.2% bonus interest. For example you will receive 15% APY instead of 14.8% APY on your bitcoin, ethereum and USDt. Pretty cool right?

How to apply the Haru Invest referral code?

Sign up at the official Haru Invest website. The referral code superchargeharu will already be pre-filled in the referral code section.

How long do I get the Haru Invest referral code benefits?

At the moment Haru Invest does not state any time limitation for the referred user.

Do I get the bonus interest for all Haru Invest products?

Only the Haru Wallet (gateway to the Haru world), Haru Earn Plus and Haru Freeze product are eligible for the referral program. Referral bonuses will not be applicable for the Haru Earn Explore and Haru Switch product.

What can I do if I forgot to apply a referral code to my account?

Please get in touch with the official Haru Invest support team and provide your registered email address and also the referral code superchargeharu.

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